9 Best Toasters (Malaysia 2021)

best toaster malaysia 2021

Introducing Toaster which can easily make Toast by exposing the bread to radiant heat and browning it.

Bread is probably one of my most consumed food aside from rice. Mostly on breakfast and supper, sometimes I eat it between lunch and dinner if I am getting too hungry.

Okay now I am sure that is not just me, bread has been a simple, delicious, easy-access food for a long. I believe most Malaysian here knew about “Gardenia”, truly the classic bread.

I adore toast, a classic bread is nice, but a nicely heated toast paired with butter or a slice of cheese is truly an enjoyment I can’t get enough of.

Now, I am going to look for the best Toaster online to add into my kitchen, that because I have been making toast manually with a frying pan so far. I could really save some time by getting an actual Toaster.

Join me as I list out all kinds of best Toaster I find so that you can get yourself your own favorite Toaster and enjoy the sound of toast jumping out from the Toaster.

1. Elba Toaster ET-G2770

` 30cm x 15.6cm x 19cm

` 700W

` 1 Years Warranty

[Lazada RM 39.99] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/elba-et-g2770wh-2-slice-toaster-i180124570-s215715112.html

My image of Toaster still stopped at the time where it only has one button and that’s it, but now seems like they actually do more than that.

Adjustable Browning Control

Is this mean that I can get a super toasted or a lightly toasted one, that is awesome, I like soft toast but there is also a time I like a crunchy toast.

Removable Bread Crumb Tray

There will be a crumb tray below to catch the bread crumb. I always wondered where the bread crumb goes in a Toaster but I think I get my answer.

Cool Touch Body

As a product that constantly generates heat within, a body that remains cool is an important feature to have. I don’t want to accidentally burn myself when I am about to enjoy few slices of toast.

It has a cancel function, but I think it doesn’t do much, I guess it’s for people who don’t want their bread to be toast in the midway of toasting?

In the end, I can see why so many buyers are content with this product, it is solid, it does what a Toaster needs to do and it is very affordable at only RM 39.99.

The best Toaster for its value but it is still early and let see what others have to offer.

2. Khind Toaster BT808

` 25cm x 14cm x 16.5cm

` 650 – 700W

` 1 Years Warranty

` Anti-Dust Cover

[Lazada RM69] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/khind-2-slice-bread-toaster-bt808-i907078693-s2251846467.html

Khind Toaster has a nice look to it with a touch of mint color, giving a natural economical feel.

Since the size of a bread slice is always the same, the smaller the body frame of products, the better it is. It makes it easier to store and fit into the kitchen.

Come with Anti-Dust Cover

I really like that it comes with a dust cover that perfectly fits into it and looks nice, saves me the trouble of finding other things to cover it.

If it doesn’t come with a dust cover, I believe some of us won’t even bother with covering the top in the first place. I appreciate the effort of sparing us the dust on the toast.

It also has a crumb tray to remove the bread crumb after usage.

6 Browning settings & Stop Button

This one comes with 6 browning settings. I never knew there can be so many levels of browning so I am kind of exciting to see what is different on each level.

Anti-Scalding Protection

Having a cool touch body is essential as a Toaster generate so much heat constantly. Imagine without a cool touch body, it will be so hot every time you toast your bread.

Khind Toaster looks like a product that is light-weighted, very easy to use, and clean.

3. Philips Daily Collection Toaster HD2581

` 27.5cm x 18.8cm x 15.6cm

` 760 – 900W 

` 2 Years Warranty

` White color (HD2581/01) or Black color (HD2581/91)

[Lazada RM115] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/philips-daily-collection-toaster-hd2581-hd258101-i579288429-s1159436738.html

Even from far away, this Toaster is giving a different vibe. Compare to the usual Toaster, Philips Daily Collection Toaster has some high-class feel to it.

Philips is a trusted brand in Malaysia, all their products are high-quality and offer 2 years international warranty. Time to see what their Toaster can offer.

8 Browning Settings

And I thought 6 were a lot already, now this one has 8. I think at this point it can cover all the way from soft texture to crunchy texture, whatever the day it is I can get my preference toast for the day.

Integrated Bun Warming Rack

It comes with a hassle-free warming rack for you to place the toast without any additional plate. Very convenient for a quick toast since every plate you use means one more plate to wash.

High Lift & Auto-Off & Removable Crumb Tray

I don’t have a lot of experience with Toaster but seeing this function means Toast will get burned if you leave them long enough in the Toaster. Philips Toaster prevents that by popping it high enough to leave the heating zone.

The High Lift function also allows you to toast small bread.

Not too sure about the auto-off, I thought that’s what every Toaster do, but it says for extra safety so I guess that’s good.

Removable Crumb Tray is a must-have for Toaster nowadays.

Reheat & Defrost

Huh, I never thought of using frozen bread to make toast but I guess it can work. Bread usually can only last 3-4 days after purchasing so it’s often I have frozen bread in my refrigerator.

I wonder how the texture will be, can’t wait to try it out.

Philips Daily Collection Toaster is the best Toaster in terms of high-quality performance. It is expensive compare to the usual Toaster but its quality definitely worth the price. Buy it now if you want to enjoy the greatest toast.

4. Hanabishi Toaster HA558

` 750W

` 1 Years Warranty

[Lazada RM49] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/hanabishi-2-slice-bread-toaster-ha558-i18237522-s22440217.html

The light-blue color design and colored food image printed on the side have attracted me to see this product.

Hanabishi is a Japanese word that carries the meaning of Blooming Flower. HANABISHI ~ Life Made Easy were their slogan, let’s see how this Toaster makes our life easier.

7 level adjustable browning heat control knob

We have 6, then 8, and now we have a 7. Again I still don’t know how the heat level works for toast, but 7 should be enough to make a wide variety of toast.

Automatic pop up function & Cool-touch side panel

Grouping these two together because they are the common function of Toaster.

Now about the overall design of the product. The switch design seems easy to press down, that’s good.

I didn’t see any mention of a crumb tray, I hope they include it.

Hanabishi Toaster HA558 is your standard 2 slice bread Toaster, they also sell a 4 slice bread Toaster which is HA4001. See if you have the need to prepare the double amount of toast at the same time.

Based on the review section Hanabishi wrap their product with care, so you can expect a fast delivery and good condition product. Best Toaster for low budget.

5. Pensonic Toaster PT928

` 750W

` 1 Years Warranty

[Lazada RM69] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/pensonic-pt-928-bread-toaster-pt928-i434789427-s634030963.html

Pensonic Toaster PT928 is a clean-looking Toaster that I would want in my kitchen at the first glance. No need for fancy stuff, just a clean, white, and solid Toaster.

Also if you want a square design you can check out Pensonic Toaster PT929 instead.

Auto-centering guide

With this function, the bread should be guided toward the middle during the entire process of heating. This means the toast will get evenly toasted on both sides, which is perfect.


Extra lift will allow us to toast smaller bread, as you can easily remove them from the toaster. A usual toaster without an extra-lift will have to use a chopstick and other tools if you want to make a smaller bread piece.

Adjustable browning knob & Crumb tray

It didn’t mention but based on the picture it should have 6 levels of heating level, that’s good enough for simple toasting.

Crumb Tray is there for easy crumb removal and cleaning, great.

One concern I have is that it didn’t mention about cool touch body, which should have on each Toaster. I don’t want to burn myself by touching it.

Pensonic offers great service with the product, nicely bubble wrap making sure it is in good condition.

Best Toaster of clean design.

6. GTE Electronic Toaster

` 22.5cm x 14cm x 16cm

` 600-700W

` 1 Month Warranty

[Lazada RM92] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/gte-electronic-toaster-bread-maker-machine-with-6-knobs-levels-adjustable-high-lift-pasta-making-machine-fulfilled-by-gte-shop-i453453181-s692610690.html

GTE Electronic Toaster has a similar body type as Pensonic Toaster, which makes it worth checking.

It can heat up bread in a minute, I don’t think how long it usually takes to make a toast but in a minute is very fast.

6 Adjustable shade settings

Standard heating variety level enough to make all kinds of bread, from soft to crunch.

High lift & Crumb Tray

Convenient functions to always have, allow it to heat smaller version of bread, and make it easier to clean overall.

Keep it neat and tidy with the easily slide-out crumb tray.

Cord storage underneath

This makes it easier to keep and store, I like this very much.

Overall GTE Electronic Toaster is a nice product. The price is a bit high but its product usually has a high discount deal so often enough it is the cheapest choice.

Come with user instructions to help you get started.

7. Tefal Smart’N Light Toaster TT6408

` 31cm x 18.2cm x 19.6cm (1.9kg)

` 850W

` 2 Years Warranty

[Lazada RM249] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/tefal-smartn-light-toaster-tt6408-i1074656044-s2962408997.html

Time to check out a more expensive choice of Toaster and see what it can offer.

With a black and technology feel to it. Tefal Smart’N Light Toaster definitely getting a score on its design.

First, let’s check to common function of the Toaster. Removable crumb tray, check. Cool body… where’s the cool body, are you telling me that while running at 850 watts you don’t have a cool body for that heating power? I hope they just forgot to mention it because I’m sure this Toaster going to be hot.

On the bright side, it comes with some unique functions others don’t have.

Digital Screen with a countdown clock

While it does reduce that surprise popping out factor, it grants you information on when the toast going to be done. This is essentially helpful to the person who precious its time.

Save your Favorite button

If you make a toast that you really live by messing with a different setting, this is where you can save it to recreate that favorite toast every single time.

Easy to use Function with light indicator

Functions including stop, 7 levels of heating, reheat and defrost.

It lights up brightly so you know which functions are currently running.

Tefal Smart’N Light Toaster is definitely the best Toaster for its price, allow you to expand and uncover more types of Toast. That being said, if you just want a simple slice of toast this is definitely not your pick because of its price.

When you feel like wanting to become a Scholar of Toast, Master of Breakfast, then this Toaster is definitely for you.

8. Tefal Express Toaster TT410D

` 31.5cm x 17.2cm x 19.6cm

` 850W

` 2 Years Warranty

[Lazada RM179] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/tefal-express-toaster-tt410d-i499684561-s921974604.html

Another Toaster from Tefal but this one is more affordable while keeping the quality.

As the name “Express” suggests, it did things quickly. Running at 850 watts, it will not be long before the bread pop out from the Toaster just as you are about to do other things.

In terms of functions, it is pretty similar to the Tefal Smart’N Light products. 7 adjustable browning levels, Toast lift system, Reheat, Defrost, and removable Crumb Tray.

Stainless Steel and Black Elegant Exterior

Beautifully design exterior giving the vibe of a Toaster Elite.

However, like the previous product, it doesn’t mention anything about a cool body.

While being more affordable, it is still kind of expensive when compared to other choices and it doesn’t come with many discounts either.

Best Toaster for middle budget and wanting a fast-working Toaster.

9. Morphy Richards Evoke Toaster 224408

` 1.8L Capacity

` 850W

` 2 Years Warranty

` Red (224408), Steel Blue (224402)

[Lazada RM289] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/morphy-richards-224408-evoke-2-slice-toaster-red-i550608597-s1093728124.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.15.35314083KjxchO&search=1

Morphy Richards Toaster is the most expensive Toaster on this list. It doesn’t have a lot of ratings but I want to include it just because of how beastly it looks.

If the Tefal Smart’N Light is some high-tech-looking Toaster, this one is a factory-type heavy-work-looking Toaster.

Straight on the spot, it tells you it doesn’t have cool touch, so expect all the heat coming from this product, feel like working in a factory now doesn’t it?

7 variable browning control & Reheat & Defrost & High Lift & Removable Crumb Tray

It has everything it needs for a Toaster aside from cool touch, so expect good work from this product.

Light blue Illuminated Buttons

A light blue illuminated button that contrasts with its bright red body, makes it easy to check what functions are currently running.

Overall I understand why people don’t choose this product, as it was expensive while offer something most cheaper product can do.

I feel like this is a Toaster for business, not for the common household kitchen.

The bright red color enhanced the environment, its high performance also make toast faster. Its robust body builds to make it seem powerful.

Best Toaster for a heavy-working environment.

Summary of all the Products.

1. Elba Toaster ET-G2770

– Best Toaster for its price to performance value.

2. Khind Toaster BT808

– Mint colored natural feel Toaster.

3. Philips Daily Collection Toaster HD2581

– Best Toaster in terms of quality.

4. Hanabishi Toaster HA558

– Best Toaster for low budget.

5. Pensonic Toaster PT928

– Toaster with clean design and good quality.

6. GTE Electronic Toaster

– Toaster with a compact design that store cord underneath.

7. Tefal Smart’N Light Toaster TT6408

– Expensive but high-performance high-tech Toaster.

8. Tefal Express Toaster TT410D

– More affordable Tefal Toaster that has fast heating.

9. Morphy Richards Evoke Toaster 224408

– Most expensive Toaster but has a robust factory-like build body and high performance.


I hope you have found the best Toaster of your choice, for me, I still deciding between Elba, Philips, and Pensonic.

The toaster is one of the kitchen appliances that soon will be your best friend once you get it. It’s hard to not get familiar with it if you use it every morning.

Butter Toast, Peanut Butter Toast, Cheese Toast, Tuna Toast, Salad Toast, Egg Toast, and more…

By just having a Toaster, the morning breakfast will be hassle-free and you will be prepared to go on the day full of energy.

I will be getting mine soon, and will you do the same?

Enjoy Toast, Enjoy Breakfast.

See you next time. In the meanwhile, you should check out Best Food Steamer to get some nicely steamed food on your breakfast menu too.