10 Best Non-Stick Frying Pans in Malaysia ( 2021 Edition )

best non-stick frying pans

Hi, cooking is fun, it is something everyone gets to do daily since we all need to eat something on daily basis.

Non-Stick Frying Pans are going to be your best friend whenever you want to start a cooking journey.

It is both easy to use and easy to clean.

You will be so please when you watch the food slip out from the pan into the plate, perfectly.

Now, 10 different Non-Stick Frying Pans that you can find in Malaysia will be presented to you.

Each was the best among the best but still, be able to find a unique spot on the list.

Whenever you see the one and thought to yourself “THIS IS IT !”, no more hesitation, grab it now.

1.Carote Essential Woody Non-Stick Frying Pan (24, 28, 30, 32cm)

+ Less oil needed

+ Easy cleaning

+ Durable coating  

+ 1 Year Warranty

[[Lazada Link]]


Currently the highest rating non-stick frying pans in Malaysia, and it goes to shows why once you get it.

It is a masterpiece from Europe after 25 years of polishing, build to make you enjoy the time cooking with it.

Cooking has never been easier with such great cookware in hand, it even comes with a wooden spatula.

The frying pans were also pretty and fancy, show it to your friends and you will be seen as a high-class chef.

2. COOKER KING Wok Non-Stick Stir Fry Wok Pan (32cm) 

+ Scratch resistance

+ Non-stick exterior

+ Comfortable handle

+ Spread heat evenly

[[Lazada Link]]


Cooker King Non-Stick Wok is a great addition to your cookware for it is very durable and can last a very long time.

The outside is also non-stick and dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

This Wok is large enough to handle most of the dishes and can be used on any stove.

The investment in this cookware will be so worth you even think you saved tons of money.

3. Tefal Cook Easy Wokpan B50389 (32cm)

+ THERMO-SIGNAL ® technology (Indicates the ideal temperature)

+ Titanium coating

+ Diffusion Base

+ Highly compatible

[[Lazada Link]]


This thing is a beast, the thermo-signal technology makes sure it gets the perfect temperature every time.

Titanium Coating that boosts durability greatly.

And a diffusion base that spreads heat evenly.

It lives up to its name as it does make cooking easy, this pan looks like a hi-tech pan that comes from the future and you should get one as soon as possible.

4. Non-Stick Marble Stone Stir Fry Cooking Wok Pan (26cm)

+ Cook food at low heat

+ Easy to Clean.

+ Extremely Durable

+ Less oil needed

[[Lazada Link]]


Sometimes a simple one is the best one, this frying pan is easy to use and still does not lose its beauty with that marble stone exterior.

Less oil, spreading heat evenly, easy to clean, it does most of the job and makes you comfortable with cooking.

With those all-around traits and cheap prices, you should grab this cookware as the starter.

5. Eox Non-Stick Pot Gray,12 In Frying Pan (30cm)

+ Soft Handle

+ Heat tolerance up to 260°C

+ Ultimate Durability

+ Two-way Nozzle

[[Lazada Link]]


Eox takes a while to be available in Malaysia but when it’s here, it makes sure to show itself as popular cookware that everyone wanted to get.

Start cooking right away and you can be bold with it.

It is built with 5 layers of material that will make it so durable that the accidental dropping will no longer be a problem,

It also makes it incredibly resistant to high heat, which is a luxury among the non-stick frying pans.

As for the final bonus, it has this little mouth on the side so when you pour the food onto the plate, it greatly reduces the oil that touches the side of the pans.

6. ITACO OKO Korean Maifan Non stick Cooking Pot Fry Pan Wok(32cm)

+ Suitable for porridge, milk, soup, etc…

+ Magnetic heat conduction

+ Anti-scald handle

+ Shiny non-stick surface

[[Lazada Link]]


The Maifan stone used makes this a high heat conductor pan, it will get hot very fast even with a smaller flame.

Saving you both time and money on the process.

The special handle on the lid is a great bonus since it gets hot usually in Malaysia, providing a safe way to lift the lid without getting burnt by the steam.

The pan is deep and thick so it can work just as fine as a pot whenever you want to make some soup, porridge, and other watery dishes.

7. MIZONA Wok Pan Non-Stick Cooking Pan (32cm)

+ Poly-Bottom design

+ Scratch and Abrasion resistance

+ Heat insulated Handle

+ Less oil needed

[[Lazada Link]]


Mizona Non-Stick Pans are built with a poly-bottom design, so get it if you like to do some good tossing action.

It even has a comfortable handle to enhance the experiences.

It is resistant to scratch so do not worry about tossing some hard food around, with a little bit of oil and you can surely produce some high-quality good.

8. DAFEIKE Korean Non-Stick Maifan Stone Frying Pan Smokeless Cooking Wok (32cm)

+ Smokeless

+ Highly Compatible

+ Lightweight

+ Save Energy

[[Lazada Link]]


DAFEIKE Non-Stick Frying Pans come in with high ability in every field.

The high compatibility for any kind of stove makes this cookware easy to use in every condition.

Cook in a clean environment as this pan only requires a small amount of oil and does not produce smoke.

A good all-rounded investment that you will never found yourself regretting.

9. Dessini Double-Sided non-stick Fry Pan(36cm)

+ Flat and Ruffled Surface

+ Durable performance

+ Heat-evenly

[[Lazada Link]]


Want to flip your food but is too scared to mess up?

Well, this is where these Double-Sided Non-Stick Frying Pans come into play.

Simply close the pan together and flip it, perfectly cooked food on both sides, this is especially helpful when you are doing some grilling.

It also has two surfaces that make the food look different and that’s definitely, a good way to enjoy cooking.

10. Happy Call Non-Stick Double Jumbo Pan (32Cm)

+ No oil-splattering

+ Magnetic Lock

+ Easy Clean

+ Free Recipe book

[[Lazada Link]]


Happy Call Non-Stick Double Pans will make you do a happy call as you see your food sear into perfection.

It also keeps the oil-splattering as small as possible within the pan.

Even as a double-sided pan, it is light and easy to move around.

And with a magnetic handle, you had no worry to move it around. Finally, as a bonus, you get a free recipe book to immediately get started on the cooking, a perfect addition to your cookware.

WHY should we use the Non-Stick Pan?

Cooking is fun but watching your food stick to the bottom of the frying pan just does not feel good.

Not only does it make you feel like you had failed the dish, but it also makes the frying pans harder to clean later on.

Not everyone starts as a professional, so getting non-stick frying pans will cut out most frustration.

It is also a good way to get comfortable with the cooking.

Get to know cooking by using Non-Stick Pan first, switch to other cookware once you’re ready to challenge different dishes.

The versatility that a Non-Stick Pan provides ensures its position in your kitchen for a long, long time.

Taking care of Non-Stick Pan

While each pan is slightly different from what they can handle, all Non-Stick Pan usually share some common rule.

Do not use metal to scratch its surface.

Do not use high-heat and leave it smoking without anything on it. Keep these two things in mind and you’re good to go.

Quick Look at each product.


-High-quality non-stick pan that handles all you need.


-Can handle the large quantity and easy to clean in and out.


-Thermo Technology to get the perfect temperature for your food.


-Simple and handy all-around non-stick pan.


-High heat tolerance with strong durability.


-Get hot quickly and good at boiling thing.


-Poly bottom design to toss your food around easily.


-Light-weighted smokeless companion.


-Double-sided with different surfaces.

10.Happy Call

-Oil-splattering under control.


It’s time to say goodbye and hopefully, you had already found your partner in cooking.

Malaysia has a lot of food, and you probably want to recreate some popular food in Malaysia with your own hand.

The sense of achievement when that happens is something you will appreciate for a very long time.

Keeping cooking as a hobby was one of the greatest enjoyment you can have.

You don’t even need to switch from using Non-Stick Frying Pans to other pans since the main goal is to cook delicious food and enjoy.

Keep cooking, eat good.

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