10 Best Induction Cookers in Malaysia ( 2021 Edition )

best induction cookers

Introducing Induction Cookers, a modern “stove” that you need to have in your kitchen.

Whenever we want to cook a meal with our hands, we need fire, but the usual gas stove might feel unsafe with the fire visible to our eye.

Induction Cookers will not have that problem since they use electricity to heat up.

No matter where you live, Induction Cookers can definitely fit in as they only need a small amount of space.

Now I have gathered the 10 best Induction Cookers you can find in Malaysia in 2021, each was best on its own.

Find the one that matches your taste, and do not hesitate to add these new handy kitchen appliances into your kitchen.

1. Philips Induction Cooker HD4902 (2000W)

+ Fast Cooking to better seals Nutrition into food

+ Auto-off Program for Safety

+ 5 Power Levels for easy heat control

+ Cool to Touch and Durable Surface

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/philips-induction-cooker-hd4902-2000w-free-stainless-steel-pot-i388194116-s558555921.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hg41t1etr6pfofub9r&mkttid=clk5hg41t1etr6pfofub9r

Looking for fast cooking ?

Then Philips Induction Cooker HD4902 is the one you should get it now !

It shortens your cook time by 1/3 with its fast heating, the faster you cook, the less nutrition will be gone, and you will be healthy.

To make sure food cook fast while being safe, it has an auto-off program setting.

5 power levels of heat and 2 menus to handle all kinds of food.

Now it even comes with a FREE stainless steel pot to use right away !

Philips is the most trusted brand in Malaysia when it comes to Kitchen Appliances, so it is always the right choice to buy their products.

2. PerySmith Induction Cooker PS2310 (2500W)

+ 8 Preset Power suitable for different cooking needs

+ Crystal Glass Panel is solid and scratch-resistant

+ Efficient Cooling System for a longer lifespan

+ Touch-sensitive Sensor

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/perysmith-induction-cooker-2500w-ps2310-i469242957-s761116226.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hft351etr7osnmgc88&mkttid=clk5hft351etr7osnmgc88

PerySmith Induction Cooker is here to keep you company for a very long time.

With a highly durable surface and longer lifespan thanks to its cooling system, you know you won’t be using the 2 years warranty.

The 8 presets are Soup, Braise, Boil, Milk, Barbecue, Hot Pot, Steam, and Fry.

PerySmith Induction Cooker is the kitchen appliance you want to count on, and you should. Grab it now to enjoy its long-lasting performance in your kitchen.

3. Midea Induction Cooker C16-SKY1613 (1600W)

+ 6 Cooking Function and 8 Power Levels

+ Auto Safety Shut-off feature

+ LED Timer function up to 180 Minutes

+ FOC Stainless Steel Pot

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/midea-induction-cooker-1600w-c16-sky1613-free-stainless-steel-pot-i428651010-s623181604.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5odl9p1etr8aapsctq&mkttid=clk5odl9p1etr8aapsctq

Midea C16-SKY1613 is a high Energy Saving and high Efficient Cooking Induction Cooker.

Just pick your favorite option from the menu and start the cooking without delay, it is that simple.

This Induction Cooker is built with safety in mind, so said goodbye to burned fingers or hands. Even a child can use this Induction Cooker without worrying.

Come with a FOC (Free of Charge) Stainless Steel Pot to help you get started !

4. HETCH Induction Cooker IDC-1705-HC (2000W)

+ Ultra slim and lightweight

+ Fast Heating Technology

+ Sleek and high Durable tempered glass top

+ 6 Pre-programmed cooking functions

+ Child Lock feature

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/hetch-induction-cooker-ultra-slim-idc-1705-hc-2000w-soft-touch-control-panel-i466250904-s752368418.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hg41t1etrbcrl6p85f&mkttid=clk5hg41t1etrbcrl6p85f

If you want an induction cooker that can be moved around, get this.

HETCH Induction Cooker is an ultra-slim and lightweight one.

It comes with a highly durable tempered glass top, has heat and scratch resistance, and is easy to clean.

The Child Lock function will prevent your child from accidentally turning it on.

With HETCH’s own special Fast Heating Technology, it uses power from 300W to 2000W depending on what you’re cooking, which results in saving time and energy.

This Induction Cooker is compatible with flat-bottom induction-based cookwares.

5. Faber FORNELLO 2000 Ceramic Induction Cooker (1800W)

+ Tabletop Portable Cooker

+ Electronic Overheating Protection

+ Timer and Child Lock functions

+ Suitable for all types of pot used

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/faber-fornello2000-ceramic-induction-cooker-1800w-fccfornello2000-i100096714-s100136636.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hg41t1etrcid10nsi&mkttid=clk5hg41t1etrcid10nsi

Faber FORNELLO 2000 is an Induction Cooker design for Tabletop cooking.

To make sure it is easy to use, Faber Ceramic Induction Cooker is suitable for all types of pot.

With both overheating protection and child lock functions, it is safe to be used anywhere and anytime.

Bring out the table, and enjoy a hotpot with your family and friends.

6. Khind Induction Cooker IC1600 (2000W)

+ Power, Temperature & Timer Selection Mode

+ Withstand up to 500°C Mirror Finish Surface

+ 6 Programmable Cooking Mode

+ Safety Child Lock Function

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/khind-induction-cooker-ic1600-i790856010-s1827168002.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150540532_51801500_2010901082:clk5hg41t1etrd9sq9481f&mkttid=clk5hg41t1etrd9sq9481f

Khind is a popular brand in Malaysia, and it remains the same for the Induction Cooker IC1600.

With easy touch control and 6 programmable cooking mode, Khind is making sure you have the best user experiences.

Being able to withstand up to 500°C, the Mirror Finish Surface is going to last a long time and still being stylish in your kitchen.

The Child Lock function makes sure the child stays safe while you show them this cool kitchen appliance.

Get one now to improve your kitchen !

7. SOKANO IC001 Induction Cooker (2200W)

+ 8 Cooking Mode

+ 4D Waterproof Technology

+ Ultrathin

+ Malaysia 3 Pins Plug

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/sokano-ic001-ultrathin-2200-watt-induction-cooker-37cm-x-29cm-x-4cm-thickness-with-8-cooking-mode-dapur-induksi-malaysia-3-pins-plug-i491316980-s872730570.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.1.7fb27bcdFGSchJ&search=1

SOKANO IC001 Induction Cooker is an Ultrathin product that is easy to carry around and find a place in a kitchen for it.

Build with 8 Cooking Function for all the recipes out there, SOKANO can definitely produce lots of Malaysian food.

It saves you the trouble to clean it with its waterproof technology, all you need to do after cooking is a simple wipe.


+ Powerful Performance

+ 8 Power Levels, 6 Pre-set functions, and 180-minute timer

+ Cool touch and Safety control

+ Easy to Clean

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/electrolux-etd42ska-portable-induction-cooker-i454706586-s696858334.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hg41t1etrecepg9n5k&mkttid=clk5hg41t1etrecepg9n5k

ELECTROLUX Induction Cooker is a powerful one, capable to boil 1 liter of water in just 3 minutes. You can now enjoy a delicious meal quickly than ever.

It only heats the cookware directly so the surface remains cool, it completely eliminates the worry of accidental burning.

It is very easy to use, to check which pot you can use, just see if the magnet at the bottom stick or not.

With its all-around impressive function, ELECTROLUX Induction Cooker is definitely the one you want in your kitchen, so get it now !

9. Tefal Induction Hob Slim (IH2108) (2100W)

+ 6+1 Cooking Modes (Manual / Low Temperature / Simmering / Boil / Boost / Stir-Fry / Fry)

+ Elegant and easy to store design

+ Durable, scratch-proof and heat-proof

+ 3 hours integrated timer

+ Shabu Pot

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/cny-tefal-induction-hob-slim-shabu-pot-ih2108-09dz9-d-i499684262-s921980053.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.46.5f277ecf0bYUZ2&search=1

With 6+1 Cooking modes, Tefal Induction Cooker can cover a variety of recipes to produce your favorite Malaysian food.

It has a Black Ceramic Plate that is highly durable and is very easy to clean.

Easy to control with its Slider and Tactile touch interface.

Come with a Shabu Pot because why not, get it now and make a Shabu-shabu as a welcoming party for the new friends in the kitchen.

10. Morgan Electric Induction Cooker MIC-2520 (2000w)

+ 10 Level of Power & Temperature (60°C – 240°C)

+ 8 Cooking Function ( Hot pot / Fry / Stir / BBQ / Soup / Rice / Milk / Water )

+ Overheat protection system

+ Easy to Clean

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/morgan-electric-induction-cooker-mic-2520-2000w-free-gift-i456359-s493224.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hft351etrgl9h226uh&mkttid=clk5hft351etrgl9h226uh

For those who want to get even more precise with the cooking, Morgan Induction Cooker is the one.

Holding the highest numbers of power & temperature level setting, along with 8 Cooking function. The number of options is endless.

It even comes with Stainless Steel Cooking Pot and STIR Frying Pan as a free gift, save you all the trouble to look for compatible cookware.

Get Morgan Electric Induction Cooker now for a safe and easy cooking experience.

WHY should we use the Induction Cooker?

Because it is easier and safer to use.

While it’s true Induction Cooker is more expensive when compared to Gas Stove, it comes with a lot of upsides.

First off is space, Gas Stove takes up a lot of space because generally it’s big, and you need a heavy Gas Cylinder around.

Whereas for Induction Cooker it’s usually small enough to fit into any part of the kitchen, there is even some Ultra Slim edition.

Follow with safety, instead of fire, Induction cookers use electricity.

And a lot of Induction Cooker products come with a Child Lock function and overheat protection.

As long you have access to electricity, you can use the Induction Cooker anywhere in the house near the plug socket, so it’s very convenient to use.

Finally, Induction cookers nowadays have multiple cooker settings, making the cooking process much easier.

A Quick Look at all the Products.

1. Philips Induction Cooker HD4902 (2000W)

-Seal nutrition in food for a better healthy meal.

2. PerySmith Induction Cooker PS2310 (2500W)

-Effective cooling for a longer lifespan.

3. Midea Induction Cooker C16-SKY1613 (1600W)

-High energy saving with auto-off.

4. HETCH Induction Cooker IDC-1705-HC (2000W)

-Ultra-slim and lightweight Induction Cooker.

5. Faber FORNELLO 2000 Ceramic Induction Cooker (1800W)

-Induction Cooker focused on tabletop performance.

6. Khind Induction Cooker IC1600 (2000W)

-Popular Induction Cooker that can withstand high heat.

7. SOKANO IC001 Induction Cooker (2200W)

– Waterproof surface with 8 cooking modes available to choose from.


– High-performance Induction cooker with safety control.

9. Tefal Induction Hob Slim (IH2108)

-Elegant and easy to store design Induction Cooker.

10. Morgan Electric Induction Cooker MIC-2520 (2000w)

-10 Levels of Power & Temperature and 8 Cooking functions, a very versatile Induction cooker.


It’s time to say goodbye and hopefully, you had already found the best Induction Cooker that matches your liking.

Malaysia has a lot of food, and you probably want to recreate some popular food in Malaysia with your own hand.

The sense of achievement when that happens is something you will appreciate for a very long time.

Keeping cooking as a hobby was one of the greatest enjoyment you can have.

Keep cooking, eat healthily.

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