10 Best Food Steamers in Malaysia ( 2021 Edition)

best food steamers

Introducing Food Steamers, the most healthy and easy way to prepare your favorite meal without a doubt.

Simply add water and the Steamer will start to do its job while you are waiting.

Food Steamers require no oil and reduce the fats of your food, allow you to fully enjoy your meal without worrying about your weight.

Food Steamers make sure your food retains its vitamins and minerals, keeping the natural flavor of the ingredients.

You will need a healthy body to enjoy all the food out there, an investment in a Food Steamers will carry you for a long way ahead.

I have grouped together 10 Best Food Steamers you can get in Malaysia right now in 2021.

Each has its upside so find the one that suits you the most now.

1. Tefal Convenient Food Steamer VC1401

+ Removable grids for big capacity 6L

+ Easy cooking with a mechanical timer

+ Automatic stop after cooking

+ Visible water level

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/tefal-convenient-steamer-vc1401-i21959067-s26648073.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.51.54221baaFDzxgU&search=1

Tefal Convenient Food Steamer VC1401 has 2 tiers of removeable grids. Which gives you the option of steam multiple foods, or just one large portion.

With automatic stop function and mechanical timer, you did not worry about keeping track of the time. Just come back later and you can enjoy your meal.

Tefal is a product builds with a compact design, taking the least space in your kitchen while being a wonderful kitchen appliance.

2. Tefal Convenient Stainless Steel Steamer VC1451

+ Stainless Steel

+ 6L Capacity

+ Refill water during cooking

+ Compact storage

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/tefal-convenient-stainless-steel-steamer-vc1451-i121407477-s132365687.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.41.50055ec4bQBVCL&search=1

Tefal Convenient Stainless Steel Steamer is an excellent product all around.

With a Stainless Steel food basket, this Tefal Food Steamer is a guarantee to last a long time.

It has a compact storage design to make sure it takes up the least of your space in your kitchen.

Get the Tefal Food Steamer now and eat a tasty healthy meals every day.

3. Elba 10L Food Steamer ELB-EFSG1035SS

+ Stainless Steel Body

+ Overheat safety protection

+ 10L capacity with 3-Detachable baskets

+ 1.5L Rice bowl

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/elba-10l-food-steamer-elb-efsg1035ss-i206071367-s255523689.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.42.137f3ac8427X5r&search=1

Elba Food Steamer provides flexibility, 3-tier detachable baskets allow you to control how many foods you want to steam at the time.

With its Stainless Steel Body, the Elba Food Steamer is not going to get rust for a long time.

It generates steam quickly to get your food done quickly.

And even have the option to re-heat or keep it warm without a hassle.

4. Trio TFS-18 Food Steamer 2 Tier TFS18

+ 10L + 10L Jumbo Capacity

+ Double heaters for rapid heat

+ Auto stop timer with bell

+ Strong durable food tray

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/trio-tfs-18-food-steamer-2-tier-10l10l-jumbo-tray-size-tfs18-i553482-s631205.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5odl9p1et167kc4ac58&mkttid=clk5odl9p1et167kc4ac58

When you want to steam a large food such as whole chicken, Trio TFS-18 Food Steamer is the one to go.

With an incredible 10L Tray size, you can fit food that otherwise can’t fit in other Food Steamer.

Malaysian often will not fillet the fish into smaller pieces, with this food steamer you can just put the whole fish in, no problem at all.

Don’t worry about it taking longer to steam as it comes with 2 heaters, allow faster steaming despite its large size.

Trio TFS-18 Food Steamer should be your top choice if you have a large family.

5. Pensonic Chef’s Like Food Steamer PSM-1603

+ 3 layers steamer container

+ Water window with side water refill facility

+ Light indicator

+ See-through and break-resistant baskets

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/pensonic-chef-s-like-food-steamer-psm-1603-i100094842-s100133870.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.17.21de2594dZXGZw&search=1

Pensonic Food Steamer is the most budget high-quality food steamer you can find in Malaysia.

3 layers of break-resistant steamer baskets to make your investment even more worthwhile.

The light indicator is super handy when you want to check its condition from afar.

A white-focusing color design, with a fancy exterior look, will always make sure it fits into your kitchen.

Definitely recommended for beginners simply because of how good it was for the price you will need to pay.

6. Morgan 28L Food Steamer MFS-29

+ 28L Jumbo Capacity

+ Double heater for rapid heat

+ Anti-dry thermostat protection

+ Rice steaming container, water refill cup, and stackable steam tray.

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/77-morgan-28l-food-steamer-mfs-29-white-i951358208-s2421364796.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hft351et16tjhj8k5q&mkttid=clk5hft351et16tjhj8k5q

If 20L isn’t enough for you then how about consider Morgan Food Steamer with its humongous 28L capacity.

This Steamer shows that you are ready to steam any kind of food or invite any number of peoples into your house for a big dinner party.

It has an anti-dry function to make sure your food stays juicy.

And as a bonus it comes with multi accessories to make your life easier, even more, you could say that Morgan Food Steamer is here for all you need.

7. Philips Electric Steamer HD9104 – BPA free, Aroma Infuser

+ Aroma Infuser

+ Manual Timer

+ 5L Stackable baskets

+ 2 years warranty

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/philips-electric-steamer-hd9104-50l-bpa-free-aroma-infuser-i217775713-s275840323.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.37.6a5c5310f9dCbh&search=1

When it comes to steamed foods, it is usually thought of as a healthy but tasteless diet. Philips Food Steamer is here to change that mindset.

It has a unique feature named Aroma Infuser, where if you use any spices and herbs, the aroma and flavor will be carry by the steam.

Steam food in your favorite aroma, create your own unique taste for the food.

With the manual timer, this product is really user-friendly, perfect for the first-timer.

Philips Electric Steamer HD9104 is the product you want to invest in now because of the unique aroma function to widen your view of steamed foods.

8. Hesstar Food Steamer HFS-3M

+ 3 Tier

+ Faster Steam Production

+ Keep Warm Function

+ Easy to clean Water Tray design

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/hesstar-food-steamer-hfs-3m-i5723613-s7019518.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150520545_51951028_2010901114:clk5hft351et14ms24odfd&mkttid=clk5hft351et14ms24odfd

If you want to steam a lot of different food in a short time. Hesstar Food Steamer HFS-3M is here for you.

3 Tier that allows you to fit in a lot of different food all at once.

And with a heater for rapid heat, steam will come out after just 15 seconds and start the steaming process.

Not only it cooks fast, but it also has a keep-warm function after the food is done, you now can prepare a large portion of the meal beforehand to make life simpler.

9. Khind Anshin Multi Food Steamer SE50SS

+ 9 Pre-set timer Menus

+ Delayed cooking

+ Convenient cooking guide with multiple languages

+ Steamer, Big and Small Steamer Pot, and Hotpot

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/khind-anshin-multi-food-steamer-se50ss-steam-cake-rice-soup-hotpot-porridge-stew-i526418451-s1035624109.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.5.2b50c6advmwPCQ&search=1

Khind Anshin Food Steamer can help you prepare a variety of steamed food.

Cake, Rice, Soup, HotPot, Porridge and Stew, Khind Anshin got it all.

With a special Delayed cooking function, you can set the time ahead and it will start cooking whenever you want it.

9 pre-set menus combine with a cooking guide, you will always know what to do with each food.

It has 2 years warranty but you won’t need it, as Khind Anshin is an amazing product with a durable stainless steel design.

10. Milux 2-In-1 Food Steamer MFS-8001

+ 2-in-1 Food Steamer (Steam / Stew)

+ Energy Efficiency Frame Ring Design

+ 120 minutes bell ring timer

+ Dry-Boil Protection

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/milux-2-in-1-food-steamer-mfs-8001-with-steamstew-selection-switch-i100094851-s100133885.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5odl9p1et19ub3joc5r&mkttid=clk5odl9p1et19ub3joc5r

Milux Food Steamer is a reliable product that definitely worth your money.

With a special frame ring design that rapidly releases steam, it can save a lot of energy as time goes on.

Burnout prevention as it will automatically turn off before that happen.

All parts are detachable make both moving and cleaning a much easier job.

WHY should we use the Food Steamers?

The top priority is of course, healthy.

Malaysia is high on the obese list because of all the intake of sugar, and the food you eat outside is often oily and unhealthy.

Food Steamer nowadays knows that people are busy, so they all now speed up their heating performance.

Combine with an automatic timer, you can put food into Steamer, then come back later for a healthy meal that keep you going.

The old folk around have been telling us that being healthy is the greatest treasure of your life, and that’s true.

Grab one Food Steamer, use it and you shall see a huge improvement in your life.

WHAT is important when buying a Food Steamers?

Food Steamer comes in variable size, grab the one that matches your desire.

Also, it’s better to look for Food Steamer with multi-function, the more thing the Food Steamer can do, the more money to save. And it leads you to use Food Steamer if that is the only thing around.

A Quick Look at all the Products.

1. Tefal Convenient Food Steamer VC1401

-Has compact storage design and versatility to handle meats, fish, and more.

2. Tefal Convenient Stainless Steel Steamer VC1451

-Excellent Stainless Steel Food Steamer that can last a long time.

3. Elba 10L Food Steamer ELB-EFSG1035SS

-Has a 3-10L Huge capacity basket that is detachable.

4. Trio TFS-18 Food Steamer 2 Tier TFS18

-Has durable food tray and rapid heating heater.

5. Pensonic Chef’s Like Food Steamer PSM-1603

-Special steamer container design with break resistance.

6. Morgan 28L Food Steamer MFS-29

-Has massive 28L Capacity and anti-dry thermostat protection.

7. Philips Electric Steamer HD9104

-Unique Aroma Infuser to bring spices and herbs to your meal.

8. Hesstar Food Steamer HFS-3M

-Has a high-temperature heating cycle that steams food evenly.

9. Khind Anshin Multi Food Steamer SE50SS

-Has various accessories to give variety to your cooking needs.

10. Milux 2-In-1 Food Steamer MFS-8001

-Can do both steam and stew, also has an efficient frame ring design that saves energy.


It’s time to say goodbye and hopefully, you had already found the best Food Steamer that matches your liking.

Malaysia has a lot of food, and you probably want to recreate some popular food in Malaysia with your own hand.

The sense of achievement when that happens is something you will appreciate for a very long time.

Keeping cooking as a hobby was one of the greatest enjoyment you can have.

Keep cooking, eat healthily.

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