10 Best Electric Ovens in Malaysia ( 2021 Edition )

best electric ovens

If you are into cooking, Electric Oven is something you need in your kitchen as most recipes need to use Electric Oven.

It uses electricity to heat the food inside it, and depend on the temperature, you can approach many ways to cook your food, without actually cooking it.

Heating, Baking, Roasting, Broiling, Grilling, and even Steaming, the possibility is endless.

Malaysia is popular with its variety of food, and an Electric Oven can make some of them, or just make them better.

I have put together 10 of the best Electric ovens you can find in Malaysia. Find the one that matches your need and enjoy its companion during your cooking journey.

1. Khind Electric Oven OT 2800 (28L) [1400-1600W]

+ Square & Vertical Oven Design

+ Top & Bottom Heat Selection

+ 100°C to 200°C Temperature Control

+ Energy Saving Oven Lamp

+ 2 Year Warranty

[ Get it on Lazada ] : https://www.lazada.com.my/products/khind-28l-electric-oven-ot2800-i696386132-s1508388374.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hft351esugqbhvp52n&mkttid=clk5hft351esugqbhvp52n

Khind Electric Oven has this vertical design which makes it fit in your kitchen easily.

It is very light and easy to carry so you can move it around to design your kitchen.

Even with that, it’s still a 28L Electric Oven, it can easily fit in a whole chicken for a wonderful dinner.

What’s more, it comes with a 2-year warranty but you will not need it as this companion is going to stay with you longer than that.

2. Butterfly BEO-1001 / UK EUROPA TY-K1000BCL (100L) [2800W]

+ 100L Massive Capacity

+ 4-Stage Heater Controller

+ Rotisserie & Convection

+ 120 minute Timer

+ Four preset button

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/new-arrival-butterfly-beo-1001-uk-europa-ty-k1000bcl-100l-ty-k1201bcl-120l-commercial-large-capacity-electric-oven-with-baking-grill-function-i235798771-s2217786528.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hft351esuib8n55dq5&mkttid=clk5hft351esuib8n55dq5

This Electric Oven is a beast among the others, it has a massive 100L capacity that fits whatever you ever wanted to cook.

It has a Rotisserie function, enjoy the spinning performance while waiting for your meat.

It has a Convection function, it circulates the hot air to cook food evenly, saving energy in the process.

4-Stage Heater Controller for specific control when you feel like a professional.

When all thing else seems too hard to keep up, just use the four preset button that makes your cooking life easier.

Combine with the 2 minutes timer, make every meal possible with a single touch of the button.

3. Butterfly BEO-5229 Electric Baking Oven (28L) [1500W]

+ Comes with own crumbs tray, baking tray, and baking rack.

+ Built-in Fan

+ Grill function

+ Rotisserie & Convection function

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/oem-butterfly-28l-beo-5229-electric-baking-oven-with-grill-rotisserie-convection-b-5229-replace-beo-5227-i501322067-s929854917.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hg41t1esui401me2q8&mkttid=clk5hg41t1esui401me2q8

Butterfly BEO-5229 is another Electric Oven with both Rotisserie and Convection functions.

This one is smaller at 28L and a lot cheaper when compared to the 100L beast above, which is good for a smaller family.

It comes with a lot of accessories to save you the trouble to find them at other places.

This is a multi-functional oven that’s going to help you a bunch when trying recipes from all over the internet.

4. Panasonic NB-H3801KSK Electric Oven (38L) [1500W]

+ Double Heater Grill & Convection

+ Effective & Precise Heating

+ Durable & Safety double later glass design

+ Quiet

+Exclusive Kit for Rotisserie

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/panasonic-nb-h3801ksk-electric-oven-38l-double-heater-grill-and-convection-nb-h3801-i409207070-s4048298073.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150520545_51951028_2010901114:clk5odl9p1esulklu3hd98&mkttid=clk5odl9p1esulklu3hd98

Panasonic Electric Oven lets you cook your food easily with its multiple functions and safe design.

Double Heater Grill lets you achieve the best of the food, crispy on the outside, brown all-through, and juicy on the inside.

When you want some top-notch meat, it comes with an exclusive rotisserie kit to help you make some savory roasted meat.

Panasonic Electric Oven is made with a user-friendly design to help you get to know it faster.

Easy grip, safety door, big opening space, removable crumb tray, and simple operation.

Panasonic Electric Oven is all you ever need in your kitchen.

5. Panaletrik Electric Oven JK20A (20L) [1380W]

+ 100°C – 250°C temperature selector

+ Stainless steel heating elements

+ Malaysia 3 Pin Plug

+ 4 stages heating selector

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/panaletrik-electric-oven-20l-jk20a-i521076686-s1012256283.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5odl9p1esuj87e343h5&mkttid=clk5odl9p1esuj87e343h5

Panaletrik Electric Oven best at being a best friend, it even comes with Malaysia 3 Pin Plug which is handy to use.

It is light and easy to carry around, simple and pleasant design.

The smaller frame of 20L can be an advantage if you do not have a lot of space available.

But do not underestimate its power, it can go up to 250°C, perfect for when you want to quickly heat up food.


+ 35L Capacity

+ 6 cooking function

+ Separate control for upper & lower heat.

+ Bake tray, bake rack, tray handle, crumb tray, and rotisserie handle

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/firenzzi-to-3035-35l-electric-oven-w-independent-upper-lower-temperature-controller-i157924090-s1235014293.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hft351esuioiia83al&mkttid=clk5hft351esuioiia83al

FIRENZZI is an Electric Oven with an elegant black and gold design that pleases your eye, a good choice for a high-class kitchen.

35L Capacity is enough for most of your needs, however, if you need a larger one, FIRENZZI also provides the 50,60, and 100L choices.

6 different cooking functions to handle all kinds of cooking.

Lastly, it comes with a bunch of accessories so you can start making food right away.

7.Midea Electric Oven MEO-42LGY(42L) [1800W]

+ 70°C – 230°C temperature control

+ 5 heating function

+ Rotisseries & Convection function

+ 3 layers of square bake tray and wire rack

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/midea-42l-electric-oven-meo-42lgy-i933780293-s2350070107.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hg41t1esukttqa2vsh&mkttid=clk5hg41t1esukttqa2vsh

Value is the word you think when it comes to Midea Electric Oven.

All its function may not be the best, but it is on the high tier when you compare to its price.

Being able to heat food with under 100°C also make Midea kinda unique in its own way

As a beginner in cooking, you do not need to absolute best oven to start cooking, Midea can cover all your needs while being a valuable deal.


+ 45L Capacity

+ 6 function selectors

+ upper & lower heating

+ Rotisserie & Convection function.

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/morgan-electric-oven-meo-glamo-45rc-i901882971-s2234916304.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5hg41t1esuk7tbcrroc&mkttid=clk5hg41t1esuk7tbcrroc

MORGAN Electric Ovens provide a lot of options to deal with complicated recipes.

Protected with a stainless-steel interior, these Electric Ovens can handle even the toughest recipes.

At 250°C max temperature and the Inner Lamp, you can sure feel the powerful heat when MORGAN is doing its job.

If you want to tackle difficult food, MORGAN is here to help you.


+ 120 Minute Timer

+ Rotisserie & Convection function

+ 90°C – 230°C Temperature

+ 3- Level Heating

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/sharp-eo429rtbk-42l-electric-oven-with-grill-rotisserie-convention-2000w-repalcement-old-model-eo42k-i443942048-s658881988.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5h35co1esulf83dqfmm&mkttid=clk5h35co1esulf83dqfmm

Sharp is a solid trustworthy brand, if you have trouble choosing an Electric Oven Sharp is the one you go to.

Long timer and variety of function make sure most of the recipes and be done.

Its convection heating ensures your food get even cooking and browning result.

Outside of cooking the service is excellent and that’s why you trust Sharp as a brand.

10. ELBA [EEO-G4529(BK)] ELECTRIC OVEN (45L)[2000W]

+ 6 heating selection: Top/ Bottom/ T+B/ TB+Convection/ TB+ Rotisserie/ ALL

+ Interior lamp design

+ 60 minute timer with bell ring

+ Rotisseries & Convection function

[Lazada] https://www.lazada.com.my/products/elba-eeo-g4529bk-electric-oven-2000w45ltop-bottom-heating-convection-rotisserie-i909050720-s2259018707.html?laz_trackid=2:mm_150190492_51851073_2010751091:clk5h35co1esuo36456p6t&mkttid=clk5h35co1esuo36456p6t

The heating selection that ELBA Electric Oven provided is both easy and incredible to use.

The solid-build is not only for the look, it is built with Stainless Steel, guarantee long-term durable use, and rust-proof.

The full black exterior and its inner lamp show great contrast and pleasant to look at.

ELBA Electric Oven is both long-lasting and user-friendly, with a reasonable price it’s the best starter oven to get.

WHY should we use the Electric Oven?

Because it’s easy to use and provides a great result.

We live in a society in which we don’t have time to sit around watching the fire cook the food, at a time like this Electric Oven is a saver.

Whether you want to roast a chicken, bake a cake or cookies, grill a fish, boil some soup, or even just a simple re-heating, Electric Oven can do it all.

Simply having an Electric Oven can unlock so many recipes.

And since Electric Oven are very affordable at around RM 300, it just doesn’t seem right not to keep one around your kitchen.

Electric Oven nowadays even looks great, a kitchen without an Oven will always feel incomplete.

Once you get used to using it, you can even start to prepare a meal with just the Electric Oven alone, super helpful when you’re temporarily living in another place.

Important thing to keep in mind when choosing Electric Oven

 First is size, while a large oven seems to be good, it tends to be heavy and hard to move around.

Second is the Wattage, also describe as Watts, simplifies into a single “W”.

Higher Watts means that the Oven gets heated faster, consumes more energy in the process, 1500W is usually enough for normal use.

Lastly, most Electric Oven comes with accessories that save you tons of trouble looking for it at others place.

Not to mention the accessories that come with the Electric Oven will always be compatible with the one you brought.

A Quick Look on all the products:

1.Khind – Unique square and vertical high-performance design with 2 years warranty.

2.UK Europa – 100L massive capacity to handle all your needs.

3.Butterfly – Multi-functional Electric Oven for all situations.

4.Panasonic – Silent and Durable Electric Oven that does its job perfectly.

5.Panaletik – User-friendly small-sized Electric Oven that fit in most household.

6.FIRENZZI – Elegantly design an Electric Oven that starts with tons of accessories.

7.Midea – High values starter Electric Oven

8.MORGAN – High-performance Electric Oven

9.Sharp – Trustworthy brand Electric Oven

10.ELBA – Solid and powerful Electric Oven


It’s time to say goodbye and hopefully, you had already found your partner in cooking.

Malaysia has a lot of food, and you probably want to recreate some popular food in Malaysia with your own hand.

The sense of achievement when that happens is something you will appreciate for a very long time.

Keeping cooking as a hobby was one of the greatest enjoyment you can have.

Keep exploring the possibility of an Electric Oven and your view on cooking will be expanded.

Keep cooking, eat well.

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