10 Best Air Fryers in Malaysia (2021 Edition)

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Stop frying the food with tons of oil, Introducing Best Air Fryer that you need to have in your kitchen right now.

Fried food is delicious, and a lot of people like it, however, when we think about eating healthy, we tend to stay away from that.

Air Fryer is here to change that, being able to make fried food with next to no oil needed. You can fully enjoy the delicious fried food without all the extra oil.

Healthy oil-less, convenient, safe, and unique looks, there is no reason not to have one of these dominating appliances in your kitchen.

Now I have found together 10 best Air Fryers in Malaysia for 2021, each was the best of its own.

Time to find your favorite Air Fryers and enjoy a whole new level of cooking, GO GO GO!

1. Russell Taylors Air Fryer AF-24 (3.8L)

+ 2.6L Basket capacity, 3.8L Pan capacity

+ Creates less smell and easy to clean

+ Rapid Air Technology

+ Multicooker include Bake, Grill & Roast

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This is the most popular Air Fryer you can find now in Lazada, with over whooping ten thousand 5-star ratings on Lazada.

NO OIL, NO GREASE, and NO MESS, this Air Fryer rapid air frying technology is dedicated to making sure you enjoy the time using it. 

With 360° hot air convection, it cooks your food without any need for oil. When cooking a slice of meat, the fat it has alone is enough to turn it into a delicious meal.

Simple and Easy control with its Dual Knob, cooking has never been this easy and produces such high satisfying result.

The Russell Taylor Air Fryer review shows that everyone is satisfied with this product and so will you. Get one now and enjoy what a best Air Fryers can bring onto your dining table.

2. PerySmith 3D Air Fryer Ecohealth Series PS1520 (4.8L)

+ 3.8L Basket capacity, 4.8L Pan Capacity

+ ECOHEALTH technology, require 80% less oil

+ 3D airflow heating system, fast and energy-saving

+ Smart overheat protection

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PerySmith 3D Air Fryer offers you the most healthier option with its Stainless Steel Heating Element.

With non-stick diamond coating and basket with filter design, it efficiently separates the oil from the food. Giving you an easier time cleaning it.

Save the energy with its 3D airflow heating system, it is fast to heat things up and you wouldn’t need to worry about overheat.

PerySmith Air Fryer review shows excellent service from PerySmith. The Ecohealth series will definitely meet your desire for a healthy lifestyle.

3. Airbot Air Fryer AF100 (3L)

+ Most affordable Air Fryer

+ 3 Laminated Non-Stick Layer

+ Heating Insulation that achieves 20% more power-efficient

+ Rapid Heating with Magnetic heating core

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Airbot AF100 is a highly affordable Air Fryer in Malaysia, while also having high levels of performance.

Whether it is frying, barbequing, dessert, or baking, Airbot AF100 can handle all of them quite well.

With Rapid heating and 20% more power efficiency, it can complete any meal within 20 minutes, crispy and oil-free.

10 years lifetime Control Panel, smooth and nice Frying Handle, fresh frying air with Air Inlet Port. The designer of this product has put in tons of work to make sure you like its companion.

4. Philips Daily Collection Air Fryer with Rapid Technology HD9218

+ Make food crispy on the outside, tender on the inside

+ Manual adjustable time and temperature control

+ Fry, Grill, Roast, and Bake

+ Unique design results in low-fat cooking

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Philips Air Fryer provides the healthiest way to fry your food.

With its unique Rapid Air Technology, it fries your food into crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside.

No oil is needed to ensure the perfect texture and result.

It has pre-set cook menu for up to 30 minutes and an auto-off function. Fully adjustable temperature allows you to always find the best temperature to use.

Get the Misty dawn colored Philips Air Fryer now to enhance your Malaysian kitchen.

5. Tefal Fry Delight Air Fryer – Meca White FX1000

+ Optimized hot airflow with Air Pulse Technology

+ 4 Cooking Technology ( Fry, Bake, Grill, and Roast )

+ Has Timer & Cool touch

+ Compact & easy to store

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Embrace all the goodness without any guilt with Tefal Fry Delight Air Fryer.

Air Pulse Technology optimized all the hot airflow to fry your food, watch the good get crispy and delicious with little to no oil.

With just 15 minutes it can serve 2 servings of chips with its Fast Fry Delight function.

Tefal Fry Delight Air Fryer has easy knob control and is easy to store because of its compact design.

Odorless and easy to clean, cooks for a family of 4, get the Tefal Fry Delight Air Fryer now and start enjoying all the healthy delicious foods.

6. Khind 3L Multi-function Digital Display Air Fryer ARF3000

+ 8 Pre-set function

+ Less Oil & Healthy Cooking

+ Safety auto shut down heater switch

+ Free Accessories and recipe book

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Khind is a popular brand in Malaysia that’s been delivering happiness with each product. 

Khind ARF3000 Air Fryer featuring High-Speed Air Circulation Technology. Reducing oil usage to achieve a healthy cooking lifestyle.

With a focus on safety. Khind ARF3000 Air Fryer has an auto shut down function, providing additional protection.

Healthy, convenient, and safe, the Khind Air Fryer ARF3000 review shows that you should get this beautiful product right now. It even comes with free accessories and a recipe book to help you get started.


+ 2.6L Non-Stick Food Basker, 3.8L Pan

+ Mechanical Control

+ 30 minutes timer with alarm & indicator

+ 80 – 200°C adjustable temperature.

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HIRAKI Air Fryer AF105 provides you with a double-pot air fryer. With that, it produces a better result for crispy fries since it removes excess liquid and oil.

Easy to learn mechanical control with a timer allow you to get into using it right away.

Grant you peace of mind with its 1 years warranty, and 1 to 1 exchange for 6 months.

Big enough to serve the whole family, HIRAKI Air Fryer is one of the best choices you can pick.

8. Haier 2.5L Air Fryer

+ Frying, Roasting, Grilling and Baking

+ Minimize unpleasant odors with integrated air filter

+ 60 minutes timer and up to 200°C Degree temperature control

+ Evenly and rapidly heating

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Experience the star product known as HAIER Air Fryer.

This Air Fryer will ensure your healthy lifestyle with its rapid air technology. That reduces the oil in the food.

Enjoy zero risks of getting splattered by oil with its closed cooking system.

Haier Air Fryer reviews show that it is a satisfying product to get your hand on now on Lazada.

9. Milux Digital Turbo Air Fryer MAF-1360

+ 7-Preset Functions + DIY (Do it yourself)

+ 80-240°C Temperature Settings

+ 99 Minutes Timer

+ Transparent Viewing Window

+ Double Heating Element

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Milux Digital Turbo Air Fryer is a quality, safe, and reliable product.

Has the highest performance among other Air Fryer with its up to 240°C Temperature and 99 minutes timer.

Transparent viewing window for you to check the food whenever you want.

Easy to use soft-touch control panel with color LED display.

Come with tons of accessories include chicken forks, cage, fish cage, rack, and non-stick grill plate.

What are you waiting for, Milux Digital Turbo Air Fryer is the top quality Air Fryer you should get right now.

10.Riino Intelligent All in One Turbo Air Fryer (AF506E) (1200 to 1400W)

+ 10L Cooking Capacity

+ Digital preset cooking program

+ Oil-Free & Smoke-Free cooking technology

+ Energy efficient & Radiation free

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Riino Turbo Air Fryer is the best choice for frying large portions of food with its 10L capacity.

Trapping all the heat with its multi-layer lock, all your food with being fry evenly, and quickly.

Come with Skewer Rack, Steamer, Non-stick Frying Pan, Cage Holder, Baking Cage, High & Low Rack, Tong, Chicken Fork, and Steak Cage.

Amazing outer look to impress your friends while making the best meal for them.

WHY should we use the Air Fryer?

It’s the mainstream kitchen appliance now, and there is a reason for that.

Air Fryer allows you to enjoy all the delicious fried food guilt-free.

With the design heating system that minimizes the oil needed, you can include all kinds of fried food in your healthy lifestyle.

It is simple to use, you put the food inside the basket, choose temperature and time, and it’s done.

Safety is also the big selling point, no more accidental burning by the splattering oil.

Lastly a cleaner environment, Air Fryer greatly reduce the smoke and odor produce by frying food. The basket is easy to clean too.

A Quick Look at all products.

1. Russell Taylors Air Fryer AF-24 (3.8L)

-Most rated Air Fryer with incredible overall performance.

2. PerySmith 3D Air Fryer Ecohealth Series PS1520 (4.8L)

-Air Fryer that focuses on Ecohealth property.

3. Airbot Air Fryer AF100 (3L)

-Most affordable Air Fryer with high power performance.

4. Philips Daily Collection Air Fryer with Rapid Technology HD9218

-Air Fryer with a unique design focus on low-fat cooking.

5. Tefal Fry Delight Air Fryer – Meca White FX1000

-Compact and easy to store Air Fryer with optimized airflow system.

6. Khind 3L Multi-function Digital Display Air Fryer ARF3000

-Popular brand Air Fryer with focus on safety property.


– Mechanical controlled Air Fryer with double pot function to remove excess oil.

8. Haier 2.5L Air Fryer

– Rapid Air Technology Air Fryer capable of quick and evenly frying.

9. Milux Digital Turbo Air Fryer MAF-1360

-High-performance Air Fryer that has up to 240°C temperature and 99 mins timer.

10. Riino Intelligent All in One Turbo Air Fryer (AF506E)

-Large capacity Air Fryer that comes with tons of accessories.  


It’s time to say goodbye and hopefully, you have found the Best Air Fryer that matches your liking.

Malaysia has a lot of food, and you probably want to recreate some popular food in Malaysia with your own hand.

The sense of achievement when that happens is something you will appreciate for a very long time.

Keeping cooking as a hobby was one of the greatest enjoyment you can have.

Keep cooking, eat healthily.

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